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 The Beginning EP - Press release


Experience the soul-stirring sounds of Sublab Records debut EP, “The Beginning,” featuring tracks from DJ Psyc-O and Philosophicz. This collection of Jungle Drum and Bass will take you on a musical journey and bring you to new heights. This EP features tracks “Alternatives,” “Rumblepoopskin,” “All I Wanna Do,” “Baby Come Back To Me” featuring Webster J Linton, “Lickwood,” and “End Of Dayz”. Don't miss out on this groundbreaking EP - the perfect way to start your musical journey. Get it now from all major outlets and streaming services.


Track 1 – Alternativez

Psyc-O's “Alternativez” is a firing sub bass roller that takes you back to the oldskool kung fu days with its trumpets and vocal sample. This track is a great blend of classic Psyc-O beats and vintage Kung Fu vibes, and it will have you dancing in no time! The trumpets give it a unique flavor that is sure to make it a favorite in your music library. Highly recommended!


Track 2 - Rumblepoopskin

“Rumblepoopskin” by Psyc-O is a brilliant track that showcases the producers creative talent. The track starts off with serene like bells in the intro that gives way to a gritty sub drop. As the track progresses, the tune builds and is complimented with Psyc-O's rolling beats. The track gets its name from the drill esq vocal sample used that adds a unique flavor to the track. This is truly a track not to be missed.


Track 3 - All I Wanna Do

Psyc-o's track “All I Wanna Do” is an absolute banger. It samples a classic 90s RnB track, which gives the track an old-school vibe. The track then builds up to a drop, where the vocal gets the stab treatment. The bassline is heavy and infectious and will get you moving. There's also talk about an exclusive full bootleg of this floating around, so make sure to keep an eye out for it! Overall, this is a great drum and bass track from Psyc-o and is definitely worth checking out.


Track 4 - Baby Come Back to Me - featuring Webster James Linton

“Baby Come Back to Me” by Psyc-o featuring the jungle drum and bass vocal debut by Uk lovers Rock artist Webster James Linton is an absolute banger! This track is guaranteed to make you singalong with its bouncy drum and bass beats and Webster's smooth vocals. The track is full of energy and will definitely get you vibing and grooving. Psyc-o does an amazing job of blending jungle drum and bass with the reggae inspired sounds of Webster's voice for an unforgettable experience. This track is sure to be a hit with all the drum and bass family world-wide.


Track 5 - Lickwood

“Lickwood” by Psyc-o is a classic drum and bass track that revisits a well-known loop and vocal. The track features a classic wobble combined with that notorious horn sound, giving it a unique and energizing vibe. Psyc-o manages to bring together the classic drum and bass elements to create an upbeat and driving roller that is sure to get the crowd moving. The combination of the loop and the vocal give the track a nostalgic feel that will please both new and old fans of Psyc-o alike. An overall great track from Psyc-o that is sure to please any drum and bass connoisseur!!.


Track 6 - End of Dayz

The track “End of Dayz” by Philosophicz is an amazing piece of drum and bass music. The track takes the listener on a journey of musicality, with its sumptuous sax and sensuous piano which leads the way. The track is very smooth and relaxing and it has the ability to invoke a strong emotion in the listener. The melody is balanced and the production is top notch. It is the perfect way to end this EP as it brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the listener. This is a must-listen for any drum and bass fan looking for a soothing and calming track to end their day.

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